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All Kinds of Insurance

JMD Ross can tailor an insurance policy to your needs. Please select from the options below that best suit your situation to learn more.

If your type of cover is not available please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly advisors and we will see if we can help.

For Private Clients

Insurance for Private Clients

JMD Ross draws on more than 35 years of dedicated and discreet service to those with significant assets.

SME Client

Insurance for SME Clients

JMD Ross draws on years of expertise to take the time to understand your business, explain your options, and provide tailored business insurance and risk management solutions.

Corporate Client

Insurance for Corporate Clients

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Insurance for Professionals

JMD Ross provides professional indemnity insurance for consulting engineers and architects.


Insurance for Accountants

JMD Ross provides professional indemnity insurance for accountants.


Insurance for Architects

JMD Ross Professional Risks specialises in arranging professional indemnity insurance for architects.


Insurance for Engineers

JMD Ross Professional Risks specialises in arranging professional indemnity insurance for engineers.

WTIA Members

Insurance for WTIA Members

JMD Ross and the Welding Technology of Australia have partnered to provide discounted insurance for WTIA members.


Insurance for Associations

JMD Ross works with various industry associations, membership groups, franchises and other bodies to deliver insurance solutions that are specifically tailored to cater to your unique needs.


Insurance for Travel and Tourism

JMD Ross has developed particular expertise in the travel and tourism industry across more than 30 years and is a recognised leader in the field.

Retail Butcher

Insurance for Retail Butchers

JMD Ross is committed to satisfying retail butchers’ insurance needs at a competitive rate, with good coverage and great service.