Renew your liability insurance online


It is time to renew your tour guides liability policy.

Please note: If your business is NSW-based and has a turnover of $2 million of less, you may be eligible for a stamp duty exemption. Please read the bottom of this eNewsletter in the section marked IMPORTANT for details and apply for your stamp duty exemption before you complete your online renewal.

JMD Ross Insurance Brokers has made your liability insurance renewal simple.

Just go to our website – click here for the interactive Liability Form for Tour Guides & Tour Managers.

Simply input your business details, indicate whether you are an Institute of Australian Tour Guides (IATG) member or a member of another professional association and the level of liability cover you require. Please input the start date as 1 November 2018 (unless you’re completing your renewal after 1 November, in which case, use the current date).

We then need you to update some brief information about your business.

Once you’ve completed responses to the questions, our website will automatically generate your premium calculation.

The liability market is starting to harden, so underwriters are applying rate increases. There has been a 5% increase (roughly $15) in premium for all liability renewals.

You can use PayWay, a safe, secure, encrypted payment gateway, to process your premium payment.

Once your renewal is approved, you will be automatically emailed your certificate of currency, schedule, tax invoice, product disclosure statement and policy wording.

It’s that easy.

Your policy coverage is now far broader:
•    Professional indemnity has been included at no extra cost
•    Geographical limits are worldwide (excluding USA/Canada)
•    The turnover limit for immediate cover has been increased to $75,000.

IATG supports JMD Ross’s online renewal system because it saves you time and effort and means you can renew whenever it suits you, 24/7.

If you have any queries or need help to complete the online renewal process, please contact your JMD Ross Account Manager, Emma Hodge.

T: (02) 9478 0818


NSW businesses with turnovers/income of less than $2 million may be entitled to a stamp duty exemption on their liability insurance.

If you qualify, please urgently complete a stamp duty declaration. Click here to access the declaration. Download it to your computer, complete the details, and email it to
Once you have completed the declaration, please process your renewal online using the link above. If we do not receive a declaration, you will be ineligible to claim a stamp duty exemption for the 2018-19 policy period.

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