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While it’s a small portion of most insurance buyers’ overall spend, corporate travel insurance is one of the more complex, and often misunderstood products that comprise most commercial and corporate insurance programs. 

In particular, JMD Ross Insurance Brokers regularly fields queries about the extension of cover for staff leisure travel. Generally, corporate travel policies provide leisure travel for staff only when the leisure travel is associated with a business journey.

Directors and c-suite executives often enjoy the supplementary benefit of cover for all leisure trips, whether associated with business journeys or not. That cover usually extends to directors and executives’ accompanying partners and dependent children.

While the extremely broad extension of cover appears to provide a “capture all” there are many instances where separate leisure travel cover is still required. They include:

•    Directors’ partners and children travelling unaccompanied
•    Senior managers and professional staff who are not defined as c-suite
•    Children who may not meet the definition of “dependent”, even though they may be.

Many commercial and private clients may not need to buy corporate travel policies. However, JMD Ross has identified the need for a flexible, cost-effective, easy-to-use solution for leisure travel insurance requirements.

Responding to the challenge, JMD Ross has partnered with leading travel provider Insure4less to give our valued clients a range of options to suit all needs and budgets.

JMD Ross conducted a lengthy and highly considered selection process, with breadth of coverage and ease of completion the highest criteria, before selecting our partner.

Clients can now purchase cover, underwritten by global insurance giant, Berkshire Hathaway, for individuals or families. There’s an option for annual family cover, enabling a simple annual purchase to cover all family members’ trips throughout the year.

There are three coverage options, ensuring an appropriate solution for every appetite.

Click here for more information on your personal and family travel insurance solutions.

To discuss your risk management and insurance requirements, please contact:

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